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Wellness and SPA and what are their differences?

Wellness and Spa industries are recording a growing trendency from year to year. Find out the main differences between these two industries.
13 Oct

Wellness and SPA and what are their differences?

Wellness and Spa industries are recording a growing trend from year to year. The growing tendency of these markets comes as a result of a shift in the attitudes of the population, which is now oriented towards improving the health and quality of life, which is manifested through the use of the services of these centers. Wellness and Spa are two different terms and businesses, although many people often identify them. Are these differences minor or it is just a lack of awareness? Here are the differences between the Wellness and Spa, as well as what is wellness in general.

Wellness as a lifestyle

Wellness, as a lifestyle, represents the aspiration of every individual towards achieving perfect balance between the mind and body. The term was first used by Dr. Halbert Dunn in 1961. It occurs as combination of two words, well-being (be good) and fitness (to be fit), indicating the orientation towards maximum use of the individuals potential. The employees in this industry tend to teach their clients to think in a wellness way, which does not mean going to the wellness center a couple of times a month but reaching the situation where we are able to do things we want without any particular effort. This primarily involves activities such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, active lifestyle, quality time with friends and family and so on.

In addition to these activities, visiting wellness centers is certainly one of the most important elements when it comes to wellness lifestyle. Treatments that these centers provide, such as the royal spa in the Hotel Kralj, represent an easy and quick way to relax and recover. These places are the ideal environment to regenerate your body with the help of hydro-massage pool, relax partial massage or finnish sauna. Hotel Kralj gives you opportunity to see how does ti feel to be a part of the royal family, at least for one weekend!

Spa center as an oasis of relaxation

Razlika wellnes & spa

The term spa is an abbreviation of “Sanus per aquam” which means “health through water”. Lately, spa centers are becoming increasingly popular, both in Europe and in Serbia. Spa, as an oasis of relaxation, offers its visitors a wide range of services starting from various cosmetic treatments, manicure, pedicure, chocolate treatments, body exfoliation, treatments with seaweed and mud from the Dead Sea, and so on. Which of the treatments you choose depends on your preferences and capabilities. All activities take place in a relaxing and pleasant environment, with the support of friendly and professional staff.

Differences between Wellness and SPA?

We are not surprised by existence of dilemmas between individuals when it comes to these two industries. In order to solve them, we pointed out some fundamental differences:

  • Wellness center includes a variety of services that are based on medical treatments, while spa represents an ideal place for relaxation;
  • Wellness offers services primarily oriented towards different forms of massage, while spa offers services primarily oriented towards cosmetic treatments and body care;
  • In certain circles, wellness is defined as a necessity while spa is defined as luxury. Therefore, the price of wellness services are generally lower than the price of spa services.

Basically wellness centers are focused at addressing and resolving the basis of the problem, and metaphorically it is comparable to mechanic shop. In mechanic shop you can repair your vehicle and learn how to prevent it for breaking down again. Only difference, when it comes to wellness center, is that the vehicle is your body, soul and mind. Therefore, from time to time, treat yourself and your loved ones with some royal treatment, because you know what they say, in a healthy body, healthy mind!