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Hamam and Caldarium


Turkish bath - Hamam

Steam room - Caldarium

Hamam is a bathroom in which the air is saturated with moisture, and the temperature reaches 50 degrees. Heat and humidity provide the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing, so stress and muscle tension will disappear in a second.

It is perfect for relaxation after a stressful day, because it has a great influence on the body and skin radiance. In a specially designed space, in the eastern style, you will feel like you are in the middle of Turkish culture.

After the steam bath we recommend a warm massage table that is located within the hamam, where you can relax and choose one of many facial and body treatment.

Enjoy the charms of the Royal hamam with the soothing pleasure in our relax zone!

Caldarium is a steam room for relaxation, where a gentle spray of aromatic steam expands creating an environment of your dreams. Caldarium provides an excellent preventive and therapeutic values for all users, regardless of age.

Steam room is distinguished with a perfect combination between air heat and humidity. For even greater enjoyment and effect, this room is supplied with heated floor, walls and benches for sitting in temperatures up to 45 degrees.  In this way, heavy fog is not created, visibility is excellent and humidity is 100%.

Relax and refresh your skin with the diverse offer of our oasis of peace.