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5 tips for spending a romantic day in Vrnjacka banja

Here are a few tips how to spent a romantic day in Vrnjacka Banja, so you can carry unforgettable memories back home.
romantični dan u Vrnjačkoj Banji
13 Oct

5 tips for spending a romantic day in Vrnjacka Banja

Vrnjacka Banja is romantic destination for relaxing vacation. Hotel Kralj is trying to keep that spirit and to make it even more romantic. We would like to give you a few tips how to spent a romantic weekend in Vrnjacka Banja with your partner, so you can carry unforgettable memories back home.

#1 Easy waking and breakfast in Hotel Kralj

Is there anything better than easy start of the day and waking up next to your loved one, after long and intense months of work without break? Hotel Kralj is always trying  to give the couples all necessary conditions for relaxing and romantic stay through our various special offers. No matter if you choose Romantic weekend or Special moments, you can expect tasty breakfast after the easy waking for the fresh start of the day.

As nutritive values of fruit are always better absorbed before meal, please use a chance and try some of the fresh fruit from a basket in your room. Can it be more romantic? Let’s move forward and find out.

romantična masaža medom

#2 Relaxing massage with honey and wellness

Wellness center is the ideal for fast and effective recovery. Take a real royal treatment for you and your loved one which will completely regenerate your body and soul. Can you imagine anything more romantic than the enjoying together in honey massage? And all of that in beautiful ambient of Hotel Kralj? We are sure that there is no better way to escape from everyday life and city crowd. Professional staff in our hotel will take you in completely new world, giving you maximal privacy and comfort. Besides the massages, Hotel Kralj is offering a wide range of other activities, which will satisfy all our customers wishes. Use the opportunity and experience this royal pleasure, which will help you to get in a better mood, to relax your senses and to improve your immunity.

#3 Tour to Aleksandrovacka zupa and tasting delicious wines

Far known Aleksandrovacka zupa is very close to Vrnjacka banja, and it is paradise for those who love wines and beautiful nature. Tradition of growing the wine grape is in our country for centuries, and one of the largest vineyards is on territory of Aleksandrovacka zupa. These vineyards have long history, from Celtic tribes, Romans and Serbian emperors to present days, lot of people have enjoyed in wonderful taste of Aleksandria wines. The most visited and most important event in year is certainly “Zupska berba” which is held every year from the end of September through the beginning of October. Part of pedestrian street becomes a wine street, where visitors can taste the wines free of charge. You can try the wide known wines, made from authentic Serbian grape wine tamjanika and prokupac. Also you can visit “Muzej vinarstva i vinogradarstva’’ and vineyard villages with narrow streets and small central square. Perfect afternoon for tasting wines with your loved one.

Aleksandrovačka župa izlet Vrnjačka Banja

#4 Afternoon ride on carriage and bridge of love

True romantic lovers know to appreciate carriage ride. Although one of basic types of transportation in the past, today carriage are used only in touristic purposes. Surely, they are one of the most romantic attractions that you can find in Vrnjacka banja. A perfect way to spend afternoon with your partner and to provide him/her unforgettable memories. A ride starts at The bridge of love, which is the place where couples pin their padlocks with their names. After that carriage will take you on ride through park, where can you enjoy in wonderful nature, surrounded by chestnut and linden trees. You will feel the spirit of old times, when people enjoyed in carriage ride everyday.

#5 Romantic dinner in Kralj hotel

You can choose to go in some romantic restaurant, which are many in Vrnjacka banja. Either you pick a restaurant in nature with beautiful garden, or small corner in the inside of restaurant, romantic dinner is perfect in all seasons. Of course, if you are tired we suggest you to pick the romantic dinner for two in Hotel Kralj where you can expect wonderful pleasure.

Royal romantic dinner can be described as: tasteful, beautiful and romantic. Just imagine wonderfully decorated table for dinner with lightened candles and sparkling wine which is there to relax you after thrilling and romantic day in Vrnjacka Banja. A perfect way to remember your holiday in Vrnjacka Banja, and our cook chef will take care of you, so you won’t go hungry in your room.

There is a lot other interesting ways to spend a romantic day in Vrnjacka Banja, this was only our suggestion. Enjoy.